How To Build Your List Using...

 Solo Ads and Ezines

Advertising using Ezines and Solo Ads

Even if you don't have your own list, you can still use to build a massive viral marketing force under you.

Remember, once you get some people in under you, your network will start growing by itself. After that, you'll never have to face the problem of not having your own list anymore.

There are literally thousands of "ezine", or electronic newsletter publishers out there on the Internet who will allow you to pay them to send out a mailing to their list. Additionally there are people who have built mailing lists and sell solo ads usually at less cost that a solo ad to an ezine list but often not as effective.

Ezine owners may also have banner space to rent and banners in these highly targeted places ca be super effective.

Its a case of try them, track results and see what works best for you!

Usually these mailings will break down into two categories, "solo ads" and "sponsor ads."

A solo ad is usually more expensive, but we strongly recommend it. Essentially a solo ad means that your message will be the entire email they send out.

A sponsor ad is typically a small few-line ad that you get to insert in another mailing. Although these can work, you really want to be the only focus of the email. This can make the world of a difference.

Below you can find a list of "ezine directories" which we found on the Internet. We are not affiliated with these sites in any way, and are not responsible for their content. However, we do believe that they are a good resource for finding ezines to advertise in.

Once you've selected your ezine, we recommend that you use the same ads from our email ads section to send to these lists.

Ezine Directories

Finally there is another ezine resource that I have used for many years and is the best for results, it is a paid service but well worth the one time investment. The Directory of Ezines

Solo Ad Vendors

And a good place to find solo ad vendors is at Udimi


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