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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

A joint venture, in the sense that we are talking about here, involves you doing something for someone else, and in return, them doing something for you.

A common type of joint venture between experienced marketers involves each of them mailing out about each other's products.

If you have some resources to trade, such as your own list, programming, web design skills, etc. -- we strongly recommend contacting other marketers, and doing joint ventures with them -- have them sign up under you for, and then mail out their own link. In return, you do something for them.

The beauty of this is, they'll be mailing out about their own link, but the subscribers will go into your own network all the same.

Even if you don't have any resources to trade, it is still highly probable if you contact many website owners and list owners that you'll be able to get some to sign up under you and then promote their own link.

The best advice we can give when it comes to finding joint ventures is not to give up -- sometimes you might have to talk to a lot of people before one agrees. But, all you need is that one, and you're on your way.

The only thing you cannot do is send out spam to multiple potential partners asking them to partner with you all at once -- this will get you in trouble.

Personal contact is the key.

So, where do you start looking for people to joint-venture with?

We strongly recommend two sources:
We have gathered a list of quite a few ezine directories, which contain thousands upon thousands of online newsletter publishers. Begin contacting their owners and building business partnerships with them, and get them to sign up for under you as a friend.

Another great place to find potential partners, we've found, is the ClickBank Marketplace -- if you haven't checked it out yet, we strongly recommend it.

You may need to join Clickbank to access the marketplace but its free and has many products you can promote as an affiliate using

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