How To Build Your List AND...

Get 1,000's of People To Broadcast To

Your "List" in the system is also referred to as YOUR "network" and consists of all the people you can broadcast to. You grow your network by inviting as many people as you can into it. Then, the people they invite will go into your network too. And the people those people invite, too. This goes on for unlimited levels deep as a paid member for just $2 a month.

The most important thing you should know is that all you have to do is bring people to your special URL, which is found in your members dashboard under Downline in the drop down menu:

Your displayed link will look something like this...

Referer link: and it will take people to the front page but you can add... 
/?u=YOURUSERNAME to the end of any page URL you choose to send your prospects.

e.g. If your username is fred and you want people to go directly to the registration page you would use the following URL...

To send prospects to this page you would use....

and so on.

When people visit this URL and sign up for, we'll put them in your network and you'll be able to broadcast to them, and their friends, and their friends' friends, and so on!

Under the heading Basic Tools to the left you'll find our tool designed to help you invite your friends to this site, as well as an extremely powerful way to promote using email signatures.

Under the heading Email Ads, we provide you with emails to use in conjunction with our site's launch, other non-launch related emails, and short email ads to place at the top of other emails you send out.

Under the heading Ads For Your Site, we provide you with banners, popups, and text ads for use on your site.

Under the heading Starting From Scratch, we've put together strategies and tools you can use if you don't have your own website or list, or if you do but want more promotional power.

New technology that delivers your emails to Desktops and Mobiles.

Makes list building easy and profitable

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Upgrade to a premium member for just $2 a month and....

Mail to different prospects every month through our unique rotation system 

Your mailing to prospects who are BUYERS

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