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Ads For Your Site

Although we firmly believe that the strongest form of advertising you can do for is through sending out emails, if you have a website you should promote on it as well for the maximum effect.

It is strongly recommended that you place our powerful website ad on your website.

We've tested and tweaked this extremely powerful ad you can drop right on to your website that will entice your visitors to sign up for your team like crazy.

Just copy and paste the code as shown in the video below.  Once you put it on your site you'll start automatically converting your visitors into subscribers, and you'll be able to broadcast messages right to their desktops. 

We'll be creating banners in a variety of sizes for you to put on your site, or on other people's sites if they'll let you. In general, the larger the size, the more effective it will be.

We're also writing some code you can throw on to you site to show popups about Since many people use popup blockers nowadays, our popups are designed to be unblockable.

Lastly, if you just want to link to using plain text ads, we've written some of those for you too.

New technology that delivers your emails to Desktops and Mobiles.

Makes list building easy and profitable

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