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Receive a $100 Hotel Gift Card Just For Signing Up FREE and referring 5 new members  (at any level free or paid) within your first 30 days. Free members have full use of the system and are entered into a free monthy draw for $400!


Upgrade to any paid level for as little as $2 a month and get a $200 Hotel Gift Card with only 3 referrals  (at any level free or paid) in your first 30 days. Pool members are not only in the $400 monthy draw but also eligible for a random placement earning in each pool they join as shown below....

  • $100 Pool 1 - $2 a month fee

  • $200 Pool 2 - an additional $3 a month fee (total $5 a month)

  • $300 Pool 3 - an additional $5 a month fee (total $10 a month)

  • $400 Pool 4 - an additional $10 a month fee (total $20 a month)

  • $500 Pool 5 - an additional $20 a month fee (total $40 a month)

Upgrade to level 5 just $40 a month and get a $300 Hotel Gift Card without any referrals required.

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How To Claim Your Card....

Submit a ticket here with subject "FREE HOTEL GIFT CARD" and in the body add the value of the card requested, your Goldmailer Username and email address. That's It! Please allow 5 working days to receive your card activation

NOTE: These sometimes go to spam so check all folders daily - the subjest line will be "You've been awarded a complimentary Hotel Savings Card" (the card also requires email verification and that can also go to spam folders on occasions)

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